Behind the name: the meaning of the names from our first collection

Have you asked yourself what’s the meaning behind “Cobra” top or “Tucano” bottom? Or why the oversized pants from our collection were named “Boto”?

Today we ask Fiona, the founder of Nakāwe  Swimwear, to tell us what really inspired her when creating the first sketches.

“The ‘Boto’ name for our Harem pants come from the pink dolphin found in the Amazon and Orinoco, called Boto. There’s a magic legend about the Boto”. It is believed that in the evening, the River Dolphin can transform itself into a man, hypnotizing and seducing unsuspecting, young women. That is why I called these pants Boto, the masculinity, the magic in the story”.

“I called this bikini “Tucano” because I got inspired while traveling around Pacific Costa Rica. As it’s has a bit more coverage than the other styles from the collection, it’s the perfect set for surfing”.

“When I had to name the ‘Cobra’ top I thought about the multiple snakes I saw in the Brazilian jungle. Specially Cobra Coral and Jararaca. The two striped top at the back reminds me of these two beautiful creatures”.

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