NAKĀWE Swimwear is an ethical and eco-conscious swimwear and beach accessory brand born in 2019. Designed and hand-made in Palma de Mallorca.


We use AMNI Soul Eco ® yarn from Rhodia ®, the first nylon 6.6 biodegradable in the world.

Amni Soul Eco® reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste left to future generations, and as demonstrated by laboratory biodegradation tests in accordance with ASTM D5511*, Amni Soul Eco® biodegrades in around 5 years when disposed of in landfills, compared to more than 50 years for synthetics in general.

It also has a limited environmental impact because, after landfilling, it’s turned into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which can become new resources for the environment, as well as being used for combined heat and power production.

The fabric that we used last season was FLUITY (CO2)®, produced with 13% elastane and 87% microfiber nylon. This silky fabric adds a touch of extreme softness and comfort and feels like a second skin.

For this season, in addition to using the FLUITY fabric, we have added LIGHT (CO2)® to our designs to offer unparalleled light compression and better support.

We don’t use any type of plastic or metal closure in our designs in order to avoid causing waste to the environment.


Our collections are born, designed and produced in our small atelier located in Palma de Mallorca

Everything that you order from us, from our bikinis and one-pieces swimwear to our beach accessories are handcrafted in-house, from start to finish, at our seamstress workshop, located in Palma de Mallorca.

Not only are these ethically made and sustainably produced, but they’re also beautifully-made, with comfortable designs and stunning color palettes.


We care as much about the packaging as we do about the designs themselves. That’s the reason why when shipping, we use small fabric pouches. T here is no plastic involved in the process.


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